La Sangre de Horacio Pruneda

Set in Northern Mexico in 1998, La Sangre de Horacio Pruneda (The blood of Horacio Pruneda) tells the story of a young man who faces the scarcity of antiretroviral drugs in health institutions for people with HIV and decides to travel to the United States in an attempt to gain US citizenship and be entitled to a constant supply. In order to achieve this, he will have to bond with his distant paternal grandfather, a Christian Ex-Military officer who started a family in the United Stated, without anyone knowing his true intent. During this process, the young man and his family will confront their own humanity and tolerance. The poster refers to the Frente Nacional de Personas con VIH (FrenpaVIH), a movement that during those years demanded a better supply of medication from the Mexican government through marches in which protestors wore white hoods in order to remain anonymous. Horacio, the protagonist, evades the movement and instead searches what he considers to be the most viable way to survive. Over the course of the story, he understands his place in society, and how he must establish himself in it to live a long life.

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